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At the Station

With a myriad of services to offer, New Era Group leave no stone unturned. It's why we like to look at the bigger picture.

Phenomenoal growth and technological advancements enable our team to bring the worlds best to our clients, ensuring we always look further than the now, understand our clients bigger picture and partner with them for the journey. We ensure that our designs exceed requirements, that our processes are complimentary and we are able to work together as one big team in order to bring projects to life.  



We build relationships with our clients for the long term. 


Having grown from humble beginnings, New Era nurtures relationships of trust with our clients it is what founded our organisation and is imperative to all we do. We are passionate about making you our success story, by understanding the scope of works on hand, and expected project deliverables we will deliver exceptional results. 


When you become a client of New Era we will openly collaborate, we will engage, and we will develop a relationship of trust between our two organisations, some might refer to this as a winning combination.


OPEN 24/7

We operate 24/7 - Our clients operate on a 24/7 model and so do we. We minimize any potential disruption to your services by providing dedicated resources 24/7. We have the capacity to meet critical response times required and have storage facilities to maintain customer stock on hand. 

Generic is a thing Ford used to produce in 1908 with its launch of the T Ford range. 


New Era focuses on the future, advanced technologies and integrated solutions. We tailor our services each and every time, we don’t believe in a one size fits all model. As varied as the services we provide, so are our solutions – designed to meet your comprehensive requirements.


results resound

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